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What is The Art of Sport?

The Art of Sport is a paradigm shift.

It is not a sports academy.

The Art of Sport is a responsive early intervention programme in emotions, feelings and physical development of young girls from 5-17 years - done through sports and group therapy..

It is a process - to build strength and courage, to help her be all of who she is - in friendships, in the family and at school.

It is run by a team of skilled professionals - child psychologists and licensed sports coaches - who plan and facilitate every session to give every girl the bespoke attention she needs.

It is housed in the only purpose-built indoor facility in the city. Our training area is equipped with state-of-art ventilation system, air purifiers and international specification sports flooring for year-round, all-weather training.

It runs on the belief that "It is not about the sport. It is about you".

Our Programmes

  • 4 - 5.5 Years

    4 - 5.5 Years

    Time away from screens. Time for partly unstructured play. Our programme puts physical fun into...

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  • 6-8 Years

    6-8 Years

    The Art of Sport Signature Programme As a society we need to encourage our girls to be all that...

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  • 8-11 Years

    8-11 Years

    This programme is designed for girls to come straight from school - or for those parents who wish...

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  • 10-15 Years

    10-15 Years

    These are high tempo team sport drills that enhances the stamina, strength, endurance of each girl...

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  • Parent-toddler


    For a child, the father represents the world outside of a mother’s envelope of affection. A father’...

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  • Bespoke Training

    Bespoke Training

    There are many factors that go into making a girl confident at playing a sport. And to observe how...

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The Mind of Sport

What goes in the making of a confident sports person? Is it brute physical excellence and skill? Is it the lengthly hours of training every day? Often, what we see is an incomplete story.

The emotional and mental progress to every girl on our programme is as important as her physical progress. In guiding them to be tougher, to show their feelings of happiness or anger, to be attentive to their emotional reasoning. We believe it is only when these various conflicting feelings are addressed can a more holistic development can emerge.

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